Fabric Sample Cutting Machine

Our company engaged in offering a wide range of Fabric Sample Cutting Machine with the following specification :
Most accepted machine for small swatch and sample cutting
Sizes available from blade width 14 inches up to 32 inches
Equipped with 1 no. Serrated blade and 1 no. Cutting board
POLYURETHENEĀ¯ cutting board for extended life of blade
Safety is equipped with P.L.C controls for two-hand safety operation.
Model "PERFECT CUT" is equipped with electro mechanical drive.
Solidly built table is provided with millimeter graduation
Machines manufactured following the safety classes of EU.
M.S. rigid frame to with stand vibration
Maximum of 2 inches of fabric sample can be cut in one quick cycle
Proxy sensor mechanism provided to hault the machine automatically after single blade stroke
Blade reverse & forward provision to set the blade at desired cutting point. Most economical machine in its range